Yacht Services Scandinavia


Together with our vast knowledge base and professional sub-contractors we are able to present a wide range of services.

We can help you with everything from logistics, day workers to help you set the boat for charter, laundry pick up, arrange doctor appointment or assist you in any matter of concern.

There is several Guide Michelin-, fine dining- and fusion restaurants, vibrant bistros, bars and nightclubs in and around the coastline of Sweden.

There is numerous fantastic SPA’s for your disposal, who will answer to your guests needs and make any rainy day into a fabulous day!

We can tailor the perfect event for you, all depending on time frame and location, completely after your preferences. We are happy to suggest, reserve and deliver the perfect “get away” for your guests or crew.

No task is to small, no request is to big. Whatever you might need or wish for, we can make it happen.

– We are your concierge ashore!